Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf 4.0

This project started with an invite to a meeting – I didn’t realise it at the time, but this was the start of a demanding project that I thoroughly enjoyed working on.

That first meeting was the initial requirements gathering session for the new release of an existing website and app that hosts Oxford University Press ebooks. I absorbed a lot of information in that first session and in the follow-up session was able to start asking questions and work with our business analyst to get to the detail of the project with the stakeholders.

The next stage involved creating user journeys and using Axure RP to create working prototypes. Time was short and I had never used Axure before – luckily a contractor working in-house was kind enough to give me a quick 10-minute training session that helped me avoid some newbie mistakes and made my workflow more efficient. I also made good use of the Axure forums! I was working on prototypes of the web and app versions of the site at the same time, as there was slightly different functionality to consider.

At each subsequent meeting with the stakeholders we worked through the prototypes against the user journeys to check everything was working as it should, as well as consulting with our information architect to check that everything we wanted to do was possible.

The prototypes for the web and app interfaces were signed off on time. I then created a walkthrough document for the external developers. It is a shame that other projects meant I wasn’t able to work on the user interface design for the biggest new features, but I was able to comment on this as the work progressed.

I loved the demands of this project – taking in lots of new information, learning new software and working with a different team of people was really stimulating.

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